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Rare Earth Element Recovery

Rare Earth Solutions, LLC ("RES")

Rare Earth Solutions, LLC ("RES") is a joint venture between MMS, the Fodere Group and New Western Mineral Extraction, Inc. Projects currently underway include the construction of a pilot-scale circuit for the zero-waste recovery of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Vanadium (V) from mine tailings produced in South Africa. This patented process was jointly developed by Fodere and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. This zero waste recovery technology is an industry changing breakthrough for mining worldwide as it economically allows cleanup of mining sites, tailing piles and will set a new environmental standard that has been long sought by the mining industry.
The MMS Rare Earth Recovery pilot circuit, located at our Reno facility, is currently providing validation for a South African ore body.  Upon circuit validation by a world remown engineering firm, data from the pilot results will be the basis for the engineering of a $450 million plant on site in South Africa, capable of processing up to 3,000 tons per day.
Upon the completion of process validation for the South African ore by the pilot plant, the equipment used will then be re-purposed for the development of parallel rare earth recovery circuits for the processing of additional ore bodies under contract with RES, LLC in the United States.
Additionally, MMS has entered into a joint venture agreement with Fodere for Tungsten(W) recovery. MMS is currently negotiating with the owner of a California-based tungsten mine for the processing of its raw head ore and for all ore rights. Based upon initial testing of the head ore material, it is deemed to be extremely rich in Tungsten and economically viable recovery is highly probable. It is estimated that RES will develop the recovery circuit and begin construction of the processing plant in 2016.

REE Corporate partners

(FODERE)-U.K based company that holds the exclusive worldwide rights to extraction technologies, designed in conjunction with a prominent University in the United Kingdom, that allow for the zero-waste recovery of high-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2), high-purity vanadium (V), ferromanganese, high carbon steel, and other high-value elements from either tailings stockpiles or direct mineral deposits.  Fodere has contracted with MMS to engineer and construct the prototype pilot scale plant at the MMS facility in Reno, Nevada.  Fodere has granted MMS exclusive rights to the technology for North America.