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Power Generation

Modern Mining Solutions, LLC is an independent engineering and consulting firm dedicated to the promotion of the most current technologies for the recovery of energy from waste products.  We promote technology that allows for nearly 100% conversion of waste to energy in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The MMS Modular Power Plant is a location-independent, complete system with perfectly matched components.  All the modules are preconfigured for quick installation and are delivered to the installation site largely prefabricated.  This simplifies the installation of the modular cogeneration power plant on site, which greatly shortens set-up times.  This allows for a precision assembly, even in locations with limited infrastructure.

  • MMS plants operate at sub-critical pressure- less than 1000 PSIG steam pressure
  • MMS plant steam cycles do not require high-alloy exotic metals like super-critical steam plants
  • MMS plants are modular with 80 % of equipment pre-assembled prior to delivery
  • Power Plants up to 150 MW are turn-key and can be operational within 12 months of permitting.