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Plasma Recovery Solutions, LLC ("PRS")

PLASMA RECOVERY SOLUTIONS, LLC ("PRS") is a wholly owned subsidiary of MMS for the Plasma recovery processing of precious metals and rare earth elements. Over the past six (6) years and with the investment of several million dollars, the members of the MMS team have developed, patented, constructed and operated plasma heating systems for the "smart smelting" of head ores and concentrates, e-waste recycling, and medical waste destruction.

The MMS plasma technology employs a process whereby ionized gas is heated by electrical energy to temperatures that approach or exceed that of the surface of the sun.  The superheated air is used to thermally decompose whatever it comes in contact with.  Plasma is a well-established technology in many industries.  Steel foundries have used plasma to smelt steel for many years.  MMS has expanded and improved on this proven technology to provide solutions for a number of industries.

plasma project

Corporate Partners

MMS has contracted with Phoenix Solutions Co for their expertise in the area of plasma heating, focusing on their improved torch performance.  Phoenix Solutions Co was founded 56 years ago as FluiDyne Engineering Corp.  At the forefront of aeronautical and aerospace research for more than 40 years, FluiDyne designed and built high temperature aeronautical testing facilities and conducted aeronautical product testing for clients such as Boeing, General Electric and FFA Sweden.  In 1993 FluiDyne reformed as Phoenix Solutions Co, and became a leader in Plasma Heating Systems.  Building on the long history of FluiDyne, Phoenix is the vanguard of innovation in the Plasma Heating industry.


MMS has teamed up with Recovered Energy, Inc for the fabrication of Plasma Reactor vessels, as well as systems/ circuits for Rare Earth recovery and Waste Plastic to Oil. Recovered Energy is an industry leader in mechanical contracting and fabrication, sales and marketing, and contract negotiations, both domestically and internationally. Richard Lewis has been directly involved in all phases of the engineering and construction of over 20 plants in over a dozen different countries ranging from waste energy plants to water recovery systems.