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air purification

Modern Mining Solutions, LLC is pleased to offer Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP's) as part of our industry leading products and services available to the mining community.  The WESP is the only device on the market that is capable of removing most air pollutants with efficiency up to 99%.  WESP Systems will resolve emissions problems and reduce pollution control electrical energy usage up to 80% when compared to competitive units.
When a high-energy Venturi Scrubber is replaced with a WESP System by MMS, the payback is less than two years due to the dramatic energy savings realized by the client.  The benefits and applications include:

  • Opacity Reduction of 99.9%
  • Heavy metals, Mercury, Dioxins/Furans are removed with 99.9% efficiency
  • SO2 removal of 99.9%
  • Odor control with chemical oxidation and activated carbon technologies
  • Non-catalytic, low-temp NOx technology yielding 80%+ reduction removal
  • Gas quench and scrubbing of acid gases for high temp exhaust systems
  • Dust control and material recovery systems for precious metals
  • Condensable VOC (oil smoke) is completely removed and collected for reuse
Additionally, MMS offers the new Wet High Voltage Electrostatic Precipitator System which is specifically designed to solve the following pollution problems and issues:

  • Green House Gases
  • Acid Rain
  • Mercury and heavy metal contamination
  • Dependence on fossil fuels
As an added benefit to the mining community, Clean Coal Technology is a reality with WESP Systems. The systems are comprised of the following proprietary devices which create the only cutting-edge system available to achieve the required results:

  • Low Energy Turbo-Grid Scrubber
  • WESP Submicron Particulate, Liquid Droplet & Acid Mist Eliminator
  • C02 Removal and Gas Scrubbing System
  • Cold Plasma Generator and Electrical Treatment of Recycling Liquid
Building upon the "multi-stage” electrostatic precipitator which was first developed in 1910, MMS has partnered with engineers to offer the most advanced air cleaning device on the market today. Until recently, most of the uses of electrostatic precipitators were confined to ‘in plant’ air cleaning.  Advanced plate designs and other proprietary technology have been brought together and modified to make WESPs suitable for most industrial applications. Please contact MMS today to learn more about WESP’s and learn how they could offer more economical solutions to your air cleaning and purification requirements.